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SOSS Invisible Hinge The SOSS Invisible Hinge

The real story behind closed doors. A best seller! At last...Go where your imagination will take you. Create superlative environments unencumbered with unsightly hardware. Generate clean, contemporary planes. Blend smooth, flush surfaces. Shape unsurpassed beauty. Do what you've always wanted to do...tile, parquet and mirrored doors...unique wood designs...elegant counter tops with lift panels...distinctive bookcases and cabinetry. For those office spaces where looks are everything.

And with beauty there's strength! A hinge so exceptionally firmly anchored in a deep, full can hold a 500-pound door. And with strength there's security! Peace of mind security because this hinge can't be seen; it cannot be tampered with.

It helps you to create an environment that is both unique and beautiful. A vast range of sizes and styles provide architects, cabinet makers, builders and manufacturers with multi-functional versatility and adaptability.

It opens the door to a myriad of design opportunities in wood, metal and plastic. The SOSS catalog offers the specifier complete information on the entire SOSS Hinge family as well as proper hinge selection and installation information. Engineering consultation available. An electronic CD-ROM version of the SOSS catalog is available at no charge.

Beautiful when open, Invisible when closed.

Soss Quadrant Hinge The Soss Quadrant Hinge
Ideal for Humidors and Jewelry Cases

Constructed of solid brass, the SOSS Quadrant Hinge is now available for woodworkers or manufacturers of high quality wood products. The hinge is inletted into the case or frame making it absolutely invisible when the case is closed, yet good looking when open.

The SOSS Quadrant Hinge adds a custom touch to that special wood project.


QH3 Quadrant Hinge,
Brass Finish
QH4 Quadrant Hinge,
Polished Gold Finish

Packaged 2 hinges per bag, screws included

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