Blum's BOX systems combine beauty, sophisticated technology and convenience.

BOX systems hold out a wide range of possible applications. They cannot only be used as drawers, inner drawers, inner pull-outs and high fronted pull-outs but can also be employed in special applications such as larder units, cutlery and base drawers of cookers, pull-outs for bottles and waste containers.

Full view and greater access to interiors - an advantage that every user appreciates.

TANDEMBOX has a feather-light glide a furniture lifetime. It runs silently on wear-resistant nylon rollers. Its integrated control system guarantees an ultra light glide and smooth transitions - a plus by Blum

TANDEM inside stands for
- an ultra light running action even when fully loaded
- high lateral stability
- a maintenance-free, wear-resistant runner system with nylon rollers
- cleanliness without unhygienic traces of metal abrasion

How can furniture manufacturers react quickly and efficiently to market changes?
Thanks to the great variety and high compatibility offered by BOX systems, manufacturers can promptly react to market trends without overtaxing
production and logistics.
- Runner system: Single and full extension
- Materials: Stainless steel, aluminium, white coated steel or grey epoxy coated steel

The INSERTA and CLIP assembly techniques save time, hold out new possibilities in production and thus reduce manufacturing costs. INSERTA stands for tool-free assembly and removal without leaving a trace.

The CLIP function is closely related to impact absorption. The impact absorbing system reduces the forces that act on the front when the drawer is slammed shut. This affords a feeling of security even if a system is put to improper use.


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