MINIPRESS for vertical drilling and insertion of
- furniture hinges
- cruciform mounting plates
- dowel plates
- front fixing brackets for drawer/pull-out systems
- drawer base and back
- line drilling
- furniture connectors

Standard swivel drilling head
By swivelling the drilling head, various drilling patterns (furniture hinge, line drilling) can be set simply, precisely and without tools.

With MINIPRESS, all Blum furniture fittings can be inserted easily and efficiently.

Fencing system
Drilling distances have been pre-set with stop positions in the ruler system. Positions have been pre-set for the most important drilling settings such as hinge, mounting plate, line drilling, gallery front fixing (METABOX).

Quick connect chucks (accessory)
For quick and comfortable drill bit changeovers. The quick connect chucks can be retrofitted individually.

7 spindle drilling head (accessory)
For efficient drilling of hole groups within the 32 mm system.

5 spindle drilling head (accessory)
For the assembly of front fixing components (drawer/pull-out systems), including gallery.

The 8 spindle drilling head (MZK.8000) will enable you to make even better use of your MINIPRESS drilling and insertion machine. The MZK.8000 allows you to efficiently drill fixing holes for carcase profiles and efficiently process drawers, i.e. drill the front fixing positions of drawers with gallery.
Immediately available from authorised dealers.

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