METABOX - the functional and versatile drawer system:
- suitable for a wide range of applications
- consistent design
- zero position of front set at the factory
- 3-dimensional front adjustment
- convenient cam height adjustment
- easy to insert and remove
- BLUMATIC self-closing mechanism

Everything in full view - everything under control! Full extensions by Blum give users a complete overview and direct access to the entire contents of a drawer.

BOXSIDE and a cross gallery rail allow you to make the most of the storage space available and help you organise the contents of drawers. High fronted pull-outs can also be adapted to users' requirements at a later date.

A plus by Blum: The impact absorbing system guarantees smooth transitions with METABOX plus full extensions.

A new way of assembling pull-outs. Just a few parts that can be easily assembled without a machine. Tool-free mounting of fronts to drawers with CLIP front fixing bracket. Tool-free mounting of gallery rails to high fronted pull-outs.

And here you can see where you can save costs:
- less parts for inventory management
- quick and easy assembly
- no investments in assembly machines
- new concepts for internal logistics
- new distribution opportunities
- ideal for all knock-down furniture


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