The convenient hinge system for tool-free mounting:
- fasten hinge to door
- fasten mounting plate to cabinet
- attach door to cabinet

Tool-free attachment of hinge to door:
Just press down the lever with your thumb and INSERTA technology will ensure that the hinge has a secure hold. By closing the lever, the hinge is not only held firmly in the hole by lateral components but also drawn downwards by INSERTA's self-anchoring system. This method guarantees a lasting hold.

Environmentally-friendly removal without leaving a trace:
After removing the hinge, fitting and furniture can be cleanly separated.

Tool-free attachment of mounting plate to cabinet, suitable for 5 mm line holes:
Here again the mounting plate is not only secured by the lateral components but simultaneously drawn downwards into the hole.

Tool-free attachment of door to mounting plate - thanks to our tried and tested CLIP technology.

INSERTA and CLIP - new opportunities for furniture production and logistics.
Thanks to tool-free assembly, individual components and fittings need not be assembled until they reach their final destination. This reduces costs and complaints on account of damaged doors.

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